Managed Strategy
& Resilience

More than a virtual CISO, our Managed Strategy & Resilience service puts at your disposal a comprehensive array of inter-disciplinary expertise to help you achieve true cyber security and resilience by design.

Robust and consistent Information Security governance

Assurance prioritised to greatest risk

Increased operational resilience

Improved incident response and recovery

The right skills when you need them

Enhanced business continuity

Resilient together

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Service features

  • Cyber Strategy Creation & Review Workshop
  • Ongoing, Strategic Security Improvement Roadmap 
  • Annual Security Risk Assessment
  • Annual Incident Response Plan Review
  • Annual Tabletop Exercise, or Live Breach Simulation
  • Named Security Consultant
  • Named Client Success Manager
  • Access to expert professionals, holding CISSP, CISM, CREST, Azure, AWS & other industry certifications.

Operational deliverables

  • Cost-effective extension of capacity and expertise
  • Identification and alignment of strategic priorities
  • Execution of continuous improvement activity