Managed Risk & Exposure

Managed Risk & Exposure enables the identification, assessment and mitigation of risk to your assets and operations.  We reduce your exposure, safeguard data, and ensure continuity of business operations.

Above all, we bring clarity, enabling you to prioritise higher value assets according to their scope and to focus risk treatment efforts and expenditure accordingly.

Fully assessed risks and exposures

Visibility of supply chain risks

Proactive and prioritised mitigation

Improved decision-making

The right skills when you need them

Better compliance with regulations

Resilient together

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Service features

  • Managed Security Tool Package
    • VRM (Vulnerability & Risk Management)
    • CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management)
    • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
    • TI (Threat Intelligence)
    • AE (Adversary Emulation)
  • 24/7/365 Risk Management
  • Cloud & On-Premise, Vulnerability & Posture Assessments
  • Adversary Emulation & Testing
  • Pro-Active Supply Chain Alerting
  • Pro-Active Remediation Assistance
  • Access to Longwall’s expertise
  • Easy, per Asset licensing model

Operational deliverables

  • Comprehensive toolset of leading technologies
  • Measurement of exposure across entire attack surface
  • Cost-effective extension of capacity and expertise
  • Extension of scope to cover your Supply Chain

“Longwall has excellent knowledge and understanding of our security system and business-driven security requirements. My security vulnerabilities are promptly remediated and secured to comply with Corporate policies.”

Kim Tang, Senior IT Engineer
Mitsubishi Air Conditioning