Why upgrade to Sophos Safeguard 7?

Kerry DawsonSafeguard, Sophos

“Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption 7 introduces the most complete data protection solution on the market today, protecting data on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file sharing method, SafeGuard Encryption is built to match your organizational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity. Couple that with our management of Microsoft’s BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault and you have an offering that cannot be matched.” – Sophos.com

You would expect Sophos to tell you that SafeGuard 7 is the best yet.   Actually, we agree!

Here are our Top 5 reasons to upgrade right away:

Performance & Quality

Sophos has made Quality a real focus of this release, providing hundreds of fixes to resolve not only high priority defects but many low severity legacy issues too.   The result is a slicker, faster product that behaves as it should.

There has also been an emphasis on Performance in version 7, building on gains made in the previous release.   The result, in tests carried out by independent testing firm Tolly, make Sophos SafeGuard Encryption the fastest solution for disk encryption, with the lowest impact on performance for boot-up and in sleep/hibernate/wake tests.

Local Self Help Enforcement

Local Self Help gives the user the means to get back into their machine if they’ve forgotten their password by answering a number (set by the Safeguard Administrator) of self-defined personal questions.  In organisations of any size this can dramatically reduce unnecessary calls to your Helpdesk, not least if your policy is for complex passwords changed regularly.

Enrolment previously was optional.   Safeguard 7 enables enforcement of enrolment so now you really can make those Helpdesk calls stop!

Great for Windows 8 and BitLocker

Safeguard 7 brings support for Windows 8.1-2014 together with a raft of enhancements to improve the management and usability of BitLocker encryption.  Among these, there are significant improvements around authentication in the BitLocker pre-boot environment plus enhanced PIN complexity and recovery functions, while automated TPM initialisation makes for easier deployment.

And great for Mac users too!

Mac File Encryption has also benefited from performance and quality improvements, not least the refactoring of file encryption so that the original mount points are no longer visible.

The best services expertise from Longwall Security

Longwall Security is a Sophos Authorised Services Partner with unrivalled experience in Safeguard Enterprise implementations and upgrades.  We offer competitively priced services to suit your needs, in planning, server upgrade and client deployment, as well as health checks, remediation and training of admin and helpdesk staff as required.