Vulnerability Management Service

Identify, prioritise and remediate the vulnerabilities that expose your critical assets.

Remediate the vulnerabilities on your networks before cyber-criminals exploit them.

With Longwall VMaaS you gain an expert partner who will provide the support you need to implement a robust vulnerability management program that allows you to continuously identify, prioritise and remediate high risk vulnerabilities.

Prioritise critical vulnerabilities

Correlating vulnerabilities with multiple intelligence sources and enriched risk based scoring allows you to identify and remediate actively weaponised vulnerabilities first.

Reduce remediation times

A goal and an outcome of procedural vulnerability management. We’ll streamline your efforts to optimise your impact on risk reduction and enable attainment of time to remediation targets.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Scanning your data management systems and mitigating against known vulnerabilities will ensure you comply with data protection regulations (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, DSS).

Reduce pressure on your team

Working alongside your team, removing barriers and guiding a process of batch based workload planning will take significant pressure from your team, allowing them to focus on their jobs.

Design robust processes

Vulnerabilities can emerge at any time and in any location. We’ll work with you to design, test and implement a robust process to enable constant vigilance and continued improvement.

Maintain cyber hygiene

Attackers search networks for known vulnerabilities and capitalise on poor system health. We’ll help you to visualise your entire system health so avoidable weaknesses can be prevented. 

 Working with Longwall has been such a pleasure, they are certainly a welcome addition to the team! With their support we have dramatically reduced our attack surface.
Russell Group University
IT Security Manager

Popular features

Monitoring 24/7

We use a lightweight endpoint agent that provides ongoing monitoring, including remote workers and sensitive assets that can’t be traditionally scanned. Deploy easily to Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Hybrid / SaaS architecture

We use a combination of virtual cloud-based consoles and scan engines with the option to integrate local engines to suit your requirements and individual infrastructure.

Local device discovery

Our scan engines will discover unlimited assets on your network – allowing visibility for where to best use your licence account. If you have networks in multiple locations, we can install a dedicated local engine at each one.

Remediation support

Our industry leading cyber experts will work with you to provide ongoing support, to help you prioritise and execute your remediation roadmap.

Policy compliance assessment

Scan for common compliance requirements or custom policies to ensure that your unique operating environment meets the standards you are accountable for.

Customisable reporting suite

Fully customisable dashboards and reports to generate live data for every stakeholder, allowing you shared insights and views for collaboration and remediation planning.

Useful features

Hybrid / SaaS architecture

Cloud / virtual assessments

Continuous monitoring

Policy assessment

Real Risk prioritisation

Customisable reporting

Integrated threat feeds

Remediation projects

Local device discovery


In partnership with

Round-the-clock monitoring for:

A package to suit your environment

Get in touch to discuss our packages in more detail, and to see how they can meet your specific requirements.


  • Managed SaaS Platform
  • Lightweight end-point agent
  • Security expert support
  • High-level monthly reports
  • Live remediation project access
  • Attack surface monitoring
  • Internal and external scanning


  • Private managed SaaS platform
  • Unlimited local scan engines
  • Data warehousing options
  • Unlimited local device discovery
  • Full customisable reporting suite
  • Custom live remediation projects
  • Policy assessment scans


Not all vulnerabilities can be remedied with a patch. A vulnerability management programme will identify a range of vulnerabilities, including failed patches, weak configurations, unknown devices and more.

Longwall use a system called “Risk scoring” which incorporates CVSS scores, malware exposure, exploit exposure and ease of use, and vulnerability age, giving a granular 1-1000 risk scale. This granular scale makes it simple to know which vulnerabilities need to be prioritised and where your riskiest assets lie.
  • Discovery scans (scan the whole network to discover all assets)
  • External scans (scan for vulnerabilities that expose your assets via external access to your network)
  • Internal scans (scan for configuration, password and IAM weaknesses that allow internal attackers to access your assets) 
  • Policy scans (scan for compliance requirements compliance requirements such as CIS, HIPAA, SCADA, and PCI)
We find that many organisations conduct ad-hoc scans and don’t have a defined iterative process that tracks changes to risk based on a changing threat landscape. This is usually because of a lack of internal expertise and resource. Some of the benefits of a vulnerability management service:
  • Confidence that your scanning systems are properly configured to reach every corner of your networks.
  • An accelerated response to publicly disclosed vulnerabilities with custom integrations with your patch management system, threat feeds and your SIEM platform.
  • A robust and tested vulnerability management process with expert support for prioritisation and complex remediations

Vulnerability scans are automated scans of your systems that report on the exposure to publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Penetration tests are manual attempts to exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your IT network, to find out how susceptable your assets are to unauthorised access.

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NCSC guidance

Update systems

Vulnerability process

Manage legacy risk

Learn more about the 10 steps to cyber security from the National Cyber Security Centre.

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