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Integrated SIEM technology generates huge volumes of data and alerts that often overwhelm IT security teams. Longwall take an intelligent approach to threat management that allows us to identify genuine alerts and contain threats as they happen.


A dedicated Longwall appliance is integrated with existing infrastructure to provide a secure log ingestion mechanism with advanced security orchestration and response capability.


Actionable events are systematically identified using use-case planning and threat intelligence lookups. Enriched case tickets are generated and prioritised for the consultant team.


Prioritised alerts trigger automations to contain threats and isolate compromised systems. Data is collected to support forensic investigation and root cause analysis.


An ongoing cycle of assessments and improvements are planned to maintain optimal cyber resilience.


Suspicious security event information is correlated with community, premium and dark-web threat intelligence.

Ticketing &

System enriched tickets are generated and routed to the pre-defined contacts for swift resolution.

What is SIEM?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is the centralised processing of security logs that are generated by the suite of security tools an organisation uses. SIEM technology can systematically identify unexpected and suspicious behaviour, using a set of pre-established use-cases and automated threat intelligence lookups. Potential data breaches and attacks are reported as alerts for appraisal by a security analyst.
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