Managed threat hunting

Rapid detection of hidden threats.

Detect the attacks that security controls don't see.

Advanced security systems are regularly compromised without detection for long periods of time, causing damage and disruption. Significantly reduce the time to detection with a team dedicated to identifying threats and sophisticated threat actors capable of evading detection by traditional security controls.

IOC sweeping & TTP investigation

Regular sweeps for Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) identify compromised hosts which can be fully investigated to understand and extrapolate from the malign actor’s intent.

Contextual threat intelligence

Access to intelligent premium dark web and sector specific threat intelligence data enable us to proactively evidence existing data leaks and investigate perceived threats.

Breach simulations

Breach simulations allow us to evaluate the effectiveness your Incident Response Plan in a breach scenario, understanding the potential for exploitation, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Threat analytics

AI and machine learning enable intelligent threat prioritisation, reducing false positives and maximising the impact of remedial efforts.

Highlight security concerns

Evidence of insecure protocol usage, shadow IT, rogue admins, internal threats, supply chain vulnerabilities will be highlighted, prioritised and remedied.

Remediation support

Seamless integration with the security operations and infrastructure teams to support remediation planning and risk reduction. 

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