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Strengthen your security posture with a
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Round the clock protection.

Leverage the power of your security investment and lighten the burden of everyday technology and systems management. Longwall provide a full suite of managed services that give you what you need to maintain your defences, 24/7.


Gain a holistic view of your asset portfolio, practical insight into your risk exposure and support with remediation.


Harness the benefits of the latest SIEM technology without the resource impact on your internal team.


Deploy a team of dedicated threat hunters armed with the latest threat intelligence to identify and contain known threats.


Make a contingency for the worst-case. Rapidly trace breaches to the root cause, so they can be promptly thwarted.

Security technology

Release the impact of your security technology investment with a dedicated team of consultant specialists.


Benefit from right first time solution implementations from certified Trend Micro, Rapid 7, SOPHOS and Barracuda engineers.

Why partner with 3rd party?

A partnership with Longwall gives you access to a certified, multi-disciplinary security team, at a fraction of the cost of developing one in-house. We can give you context specific guidance and support where you need it most, accelerating your journey to cyber maturity. You get:

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