The path to cyber resilience

Confidently strengthen your defences with a security partner you can depend on.

A comprehensive cyber security management service designed to pro-actively optimise your security posture so you can prepare for, monitor, and respond to actionable security alerts. The Longwall Managed Service uses a robust suite of best-of-breed security tools and an expert team of analysts and consultants who continuously assess vulnerabilities, secure weak points, monitor anomalies, and respond to an incident in the event of an attack.

Forensic appliance

A dedicated Longwall appliance is integrated with existing infrastructure to provide a secure log ingestion mechanism with advanced security orchestration and response capability.

Automation from SIEM

Actionable events are systematically identified using use-case planning and threat intelligence lookups. Enriched case tickets are generated and prioritised for the consultant team.

Incident response

Prioritised alerts trigger automations to contain threats and isolate compromised systems. Data is collected to support forensic investigation and root cause analysis.

Cyclical optimisation

An ongoing cycle of assessment, threat hunting and improvements are planned to maintain optimal cyber resilience.

Threat intelligence

Suspicious security event information is correlated with community, premium and dark-web threat intelligence.

Ticketing & prioritisation

System enriched tickets are generated and routed to the pre-defined contacts for swift resolution. 

Experts - accredited and qualified

At Longwall we are proud of the exceptional technical proficiency of our permanent and growing consultant and analyst team. We insist on excellence and continuous improvement.